Crighton Homes Construction – Design tips

Design tips that will add value to your custom designed home


One of the benefits of building a custom home is that it has been specifically designed and built to suit your unique needs and tastes. But how do you make sure that these design elements are adding maximum value to your new home?

Before you begin to build, it’s important to talk to your chosen builder about how you can integrate value into your home design. While there are a number of additions that you can consider, here are a few custom home tips to help you get started!

  1. Energy Efficient Features

Sustainable living continues to be a growing movement around the world in an effort to better look after our direct environment and planet. Homes that have a smaller ecological footprint will have lower energy consumption and therefore lower bills and will increase in value over time.

We recommend investing in energy efficient features such as efficient heating and cooling systems, low consumption appliances and lighting, low flow showerheads and taps, dual flush toilets and environmentally friendly indoor plants. By including green features from the beginning, you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

  1. Smart Technology For Your Home

Smart home technology is changing today’s homes and it’s safe to say that technology won’t be slowing down anytime soon. To future-proof your home, and with the recent push towards designing smarter custom homes, we recommend incorporating some of the latest smart technologies to create an intelligent, functional and efficient home. These can include remote heating and cooling systems, blinds and shutters and automated security systems and technology systems such as Google Home. By incorporating smart features that can be controlled remotely via your smartphone or other devices, you’ll be adding financial value to your custom home and seeing a reduction in your energy costs.

We recommend having a chat to your builder during the design phase if you’re considering incorporating smart technology so they can ensure the right infrastructure and wiring systems are included to best support the type of technology you’d like to invest in.

  1. More Storage!

One of the most important and welcomed custom home design tips is to add more storage space to your new home. Over time you generally collect more things, especially if you have a family. Smart and ample storage spaces will make your life easier as well as add value to your home.

We recommend incorporating storage solutions such as kitchen and wall cabinets, under the stairs and attic storage, garage shelving, walk in wardrobes and pantries and large linen cupboards. There really are a multitude of ways to declutter your new home and add additional storage space that you’ll be thankful for years later.

  1. Liveable Alfresco Areas

Homeowners today are looking for more than just a simple grassed backyard. One of the best ways to add value to your custom home is by creating a liveable alfresco area that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing in. Depending on the size of your outdoor space and your budget we recommend incorporating features such as built-in seating and storage, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces and plunge pools to enjoy during those warmer months. A versatile outdoor space is definitely a great investment when you build your custom home.

  1. Incorporate Solar Passive Design

Any experienced builder can’t overstate the importance of incorporating solar passive design elements into your new custom home. Essentially, passive design takes advantage of the home’s climate and orientation to utilise natural sources for heating and cooling. By incorporating solar passive design you’re encouraging lower heating and cooling costs, promoting thermal comfort, and reducing your greenhouse emissions. As the world continues to move towards more sustainable living, solar passive design is a great addition to any new home.

A home is generally one of the largest assets that most people own, so thoughtful design additions are not only an aesthetic decision but also a financial one, to ensure you’re adding maximum value to your new custom design. If you’re interested in incorporating these home design tips into your new home or would like to have a chat about building your dream home we’d love to hear from you. Contact Crighton Homes today.

Crighton Homes Construction – Pine shortage

Nationwide framing pine shortage

There is currently a severe nationwide shortage of framing pine. This is due to a combination of high demand and a reduced domestic supply caused by numerous mill closures,  Australia’s shrinking pine plantations and recent bushfires. The improvement of the American housing market is also putting pressure on the global supply chain with the shortage being expected to last many months.

Longer lengths of framing pine in particular are in a very short supply at the moment. Suppliers are generally charging resellers a higher linear metre rate for longer lengths compared to shorter lengths due to the scarcity of this product. While there is the potential to be affected, we are hoping that we won’t experience any delays due to this supply issue.

During this shortage, types of pine may also be restricted such as the preferred Radiata Pine frame with suppliers offering alternatives such as Baltic Pine. While Radiata is generally our first preference, our chosen alternatives will always meet or exceed the relevant structural ratings and treatment standard so you can be assured that you are always getting the highest quality materials in your new custom home.

Crighton Homes Construction – Hamptons Style

Hamptons style trends to be on top of in 2018


The coastal charm and sophisticated luxury of Hamptons style homes makes them a winner amongst Australian home owners. With our relaxed way of living and our love for outdoor entertaining it’s no wonder that the Hamptons style is fast becoming one of the most requested and sought-after designs that we come across when building new homes in Murrays Beach and coastal areas.

So what are some of the most popular Hamptons style trends that you should be incorporating into your new custom home design?

1.     Mixing traditional weatherboard cladding with a variety of materials and textures

Crighton Homes Construction – Hamptons Style
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While whites, blues, timbers, and natural tones are all must-haves for creating the perfect Hamptons style interior, we’re now seeing traditional materials such as weatherboard cladding being paired with various materials and textures to create a more contemporary and warmer appearance to the exterior. By incorporating a range of stones, render and steel into the design, these homes are still classic in style but are now also being altered to suit both coastal and bush settings

2.     Durable products and finishes to suit our tough Australian climate

Crighton Homes Construction – Hamptons Style
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When building a Hamptons style home it’s important to consider the types of materials you’re using. Due to our tough Australian climate you want to select materials that are resistant to damage from bushfires, termites, and won’t swell or crack as the years go on.  An important feature of Hamptons architecture is the exterior cladding. It provides clean, horizontal lines that instantly evoke a sense of classic, coastal charm. We recommend using products such as James Hardie weatherboards like Newport or Sycon Linea which provide the classic look of timber weatherboards but are hard-wearing and low maintenance and have added protection against the elements.

It’s important to note though that while weatherboard exteriors are generally associated with living by the sea in areas such as Murrays Beach, this sense of luxury and relaxed elegance can be recreated anywhere in Australia – whether it’s a leafy street in the suburbs, or surrounded by paddocks in the country.

3.     It’s time for a refresh

Crighton Homes Construction – Hamptons Style
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Typically the Hamptons style palette is all about mimicking the neutral colours of the coast. When you think of a Hamptons home you often think of various shades of white, cream, linen tones and greys, offset by contrasting rich blues. In 2018, the Hamptons style is moving towards a contemporary and sophisticated colour palette with tones shifting more towards moody blues and blacks paired with fresh white walls. We’re also incorporating textures such as steel weatherboards, Cultured Stone and white timber exterior architraves to give the Hamptons style a fresh and modern makeover to the casual and relaxed coastal style that it’s known for. Inside, we recommend incorporating accent colours in the form of lush greenery such as palms and orchids, and soft furnishings with a colour scheme that ties the entire home together.

4.     Modern finishes

While particular elements, such as neutral colour palettes, natural textures, internal paneling, high ceilings and traditional cabinetry all remain definitive features of a Hamptons look, we’re finding that we’re now modernising the Hamptons style trend to suit a more relaxed and contemporary lifestyle. While still classic in design, we’re also adding more contemporary finishes to the traditional style with cleaner lines and smarter designs to suit smaller block sizes.

5.     Optimise your alfresco area for entertaining

Crighton Homes Construction – Hamptons Style
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There’s no doubt that Australians love outdoor living – think enjoying a BBQ with family and friends on a warm summer’s evening or sitting out the back enjoying a nice glass of wine as the sun goes down. By adding an alfresco area with lush landscaped greenery, wicker furniture and a BBQ you can really create a beautiful seamless space that everyone will love to relax in. This is definitely one trend that will never go out of style.

At Crighton Homes we love how the Hamptons style is effortlessly stylish and continues to evolve as time goes on. With open plan designs that encourage natural light and breezes, and warmth in the colour tones and textures from nature, Hamptons style homes offer a relaxing, luxe resort feeling that you can’t help but get caught up in.

One of the most exciting parts of building your new custom home is deciding on a style and coming up with a design that suits your unique tastes and lifestyle. For some people this comes easily, and for others it can be a bit more difficult. Whichever group you fit into, Crighton Homes has the design and building experience to guide you through the process and help you build your home your way.

Custom Kitchen

5 Benefits of Building a Custom Designed Home

Custom Kitchen

Are you excited at the thought of building your dream home but are still weighing up whether you’d like to go down the path of purchasing an existing home or custom building a home that is unique to you and your lifestyle?

Choosing a custom builder gives you more flexibility, more influence in the decision making process and choice of materials, and more control over the quality and function of your new home. Not only will your home be unique, it will be specifically designed for you and the piece of land that you wish to build on- plus it results in a home perfectly suited to your needs!

The following points will help you understand the advantages of having your new home custom built-

  1. You’re in control

One of the biggest advantages of building a custom home is that you have input in every phase of the building process. You have the opportunity to select everything that you want in your new home, including quality appliances, floor coverings, fixtures and custom cabinetry. If you love natural light, install as many floor to ceiling windows as you like, if you want a beautiful loud splashback to represent your personality- you can have it! From the exterior and interior you get to select every detail that goes into your new home.

  1. Flexibility

With today’s modern technology we have the tools to offer almost limitless design capabilities. Garry and Shane will work alongside you throughout the whole design and construction process to create a beautiful home.  They will regularly be delivering your vision to trades and installers and ensuring that every part of the build is completed to the highest standard possible. They will also keep in regular contact with you to ensure that your vision is progressing the way you thought it would and allow for flexibility throughout the build process to ensure that all aspects are completed to your satisfaction.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Choosing to build a custom home will allow you to design a home that is sustainable and efficient. Using Solar Passive Design concepts Crighton Homes can design the orientation of your home in relation to sun and wind patterns to enhance the energy efficiency and comfort. You can also decide to run on solar-energy and have better quality insulation in addition to fully utilising passive cooling and heating to reduce energy bills. Environmentally friendly options can also be added such as water tanks and indoor gardens. Making these additions to an existing home can be a very costly exercise.

  1. A Sound Investment

It’s common for home buyers to think that building a custom home can be an expensive experience. Opting for a custom home will ensure that your home is built to the highest standard using he highest quality materials selected by you. While the upfront costs can sometimes be higher, it is most likely easier to recoup your investment. This is because a newer home is generally more appealing than an older home to most people.

  1. Uniqueness & Lifestyle

This is one of the greatest benefits of building a custom home- you don’t have to live with someone else’s horrible choices or tastes. Quite often people buy homes that don’t quite tick all of the boxes with the intention to renovate in the future. Unfortunately this usually doesn’t happen very quickly and you are left to simply ‘put up with’ a design and layout that you dislike. Not an ideal situation after spending a significant amount of money.

With a custom built home, you get the design and layout that works best for you without having to compromise.  A custom built home is a blank canvas that can be changed to suit your exact lifestyle and specifications. Do you love to entertain? Then let us create a large alfresco area that connects to the kitchen so you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Do you have growing children? Let’s look at creating a teenagers retreat or a separate games room where they can go to hangout and Mum and Dad can relax. Every aspect of your new home is completely up to you.

The beauty of a custom designed home is that you don’t have to convert other people’s dreams to fit your reality- you can create your own. Your custom built home will have your own unique touch, making it truly yours for many years to come.

Contact us today and let us bring your custom vision to life.