Crighton Homes Construction – Pine shortage

Nationwide framing pine shortage

There is currently a severe nationwide shortage of framing pine. This is due to a combination of high demand and a reduced domestic supply caused by numerous mill closures,  Australia’s shrinking pine plantations and recent bushfires. The improvement of the American housing market is also putting pressure on the global supply chain with the shortage being expected to last many months.

Longer lengths of framing pine in particular are in a very short supply at the moment. Suppliers are generally charging resellers a higher linear metre rate for longer lengths compared to shorter lengths due to the scarcity of this product. While there is the potential to be affected, we are hoping that we won’t experience any delays due to this supply issue.

During this shortage, types of pine may also be restricted such as the preferred Radiata Pine frame with suppliers offering alternatives such as Baltic Pine. While Radiata is generally our first preference, our chosen alternatives will always meet or exceed the relevant structural ratings and treatment standard so you can be assured that you are always getting the highest quality materials in your new custom home.